Release 2 Go-Live

Some frantic activity over the last few weeks trying to close things down for Release 2 Go-Live which is now scheduled for 27/06/2011. Release 2 has the addition of some core solution functionality including voice self service using speech recognition (ASR), Kofax non-voice channel integration and integration with SAP Web IC.

As usual we have found some “magic” settings at the last minute to fix a couple of critical issues:

IVR interface performance

We have developed a custom C# .NET application which provides the interfaces between the IVR applications (VoiceXML) and back end systems. Although we had performance tested them in isolation we hit a concurrency problem in final testing.

The solution to the problem was to set the .NET option “maxconnection” to enable the .NET runtime to open more than 2 concurrent web service connections (and hence block on subsequent requests):


HTTPS with GVP 7.6

Since we will process payments in Release 2 IVR applications we need to enable HTTPS on the connection between each IPCS (Page Collector) and the IVR (VoiceXML) application servers.

However, enabling HTTPS resulted in intermittent IPCS page fetch errors, especially under load conditions. The solution to this is buried in solution search here:

  1. Create the following Registry entry as a DWORD value: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\MaxUserPort
  2. Set it to the value of 65534 (decimal). The default is 5000.
  3. Create the following Registry entry as a DWORD value: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\TcpTimedWaitDelay
  4. Set it to 60 or lower (decimal). The default is 240.
  5. Reboot the host.

GVP 7.6.470.xx MCU Core Dumps

We had been struggling with IPCS core dumps since Release 1 Go-Live and this was resulting in GVP ports getting stuck and needing to be taken out of service manually. The problem seemed to be related to prompt recording and playback in Virtual Hold (VHT). A long running ticket with Genesys support was eventually resolved this week after a couple of diagnostic builds provided by Genesys and tested by the team.

Release Number 7.6.470.17 [06/24/11] – Hot Fix

The IPCS MCU process no longer terminates unexpectedly at the end of recording. Previously under certain conditions, some internal C++ Standard Template Library (STL) lists would become corrupted at the end of a recording, causing the MCU to terminate unexpectedly. (ER# 269811868)

Well done team – we got there in the end!