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Welcome to the Genesys Guru blog!

My name is Craig and I am a freelance IT Contractor who has worked in the IT industry for the last 21 years. I have worked on many projects in many different roles but I won’t bore you here and those of you that know me can always check out my Linked-in profile (

For the last 11 or so years I have focused on Contact Centre solutions predominantly based on the Genesys software suite (

I am by no means a Genesys ‘Guru’ as the website URL would imply in comparision to some of the experts who post on the excellent Genesys CTI User Forum ( However, I have been and still am actively involved in Genesys deployment projects and therefore know a little about Genesys!

I’ve setup this blog mainly to share some of my real life Genesys project experience as well as to remember where all my time has gone!

I hope that this blog will be of use to some of my fellow Genesys professionals out there. Please post comments and contribute to the forum (once I get it up and running!)