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Cutting it a bit close!

Cutting it a bit close at 15:24!




Jaguar XJS V12 ECU

A pleasure to meet Ray and Roger again at AJ6 Engineering today and watch Roger do battle with some “old” electronics aka the Lucas 16CU from my XJS V12.

Those hand written notes and schematics could tell a story or two! NEC Ireland on the CPU … perhaps some commonality with the BMW E30 320?



Financial Markets

For the last couple of years with the onset of 40+ life (aka grumpy old man according to this kids!) I’ve been tracking the financial markets and in particular the UK housing market as a general financial indicator.

There are lots of websites out there but the two I read regularly are and

In relation to UK house prices the following chart keeps appearing:


Despite studying Math at degree level and thinking that I understand Fast Fourier transforms and associated Complex numbers I still have a problem understanding what the chart above shows!

Does it mean (accoring to the Nationwide) that in February 2009 the average UK house price was down 17% but as of Sepember 2009 there has been a recovery and the average price is now the same as the start of 2009 – I don’t think so. Anyway, if that was the case the figure in January would always be 0%.

Surely a simple chart showing the average UK house price on a per month basis would be easier to understand?

Regardless, as somebody looking to purchase property in the near future I still prefer to use this chart from