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Legal Notice

Given the recent launch of the “Genesys Guru” portfolio of managed services by Genesys (http://www.genesys.com/services/genesys-guru) I would like to clarify that I am not affiliated with Genesys (www.genesys.com) in any way implied or otherwise.

Also, so there is no confusion who owns the trademark Genesys in reference to telecommunications, Genesys is a trademark owned by Genesys Telecommunications (www.genesys.com).

Genesys does not endorse or have anything to do with this site nor the @genesysguru twitter account.


Genesys Introduces New Cloud-Based Expert Services to Further Enhance Customer Experience Investment

29th May 2014 – Genesys at G-Force New Orleans introduced Genesys Guru, a new portfolio of cloud-based expert services that help customers realize the full power of their investments in the Genesys Customer Experience Platform, with initial offerings focused on Workforce Optimization (WFO). Genesys Guru offers customers expert services to identify, analyze and optimize business processes and workforce issues that may jeopardize their customer experience, impact their ability to meet regulatory requirements, or delay their time to value with their technology investments.