Jukebox Hacking

I bought a second hand Jukebox from eBay and could not resist trying to understand how it all worked ….




Open-source telecom rocks at Dutch events

Moscow based Fairwaves recently deployed its open-source GSM solution in the Netherlands using the unlicensed GSM spectrum. Small GSM networks were launched during major music festivals in cooperation with Dutch solution provider Event Connection.


I just wish it was easier to find some unlicensed GSM spectrum in the UK ….


AR.Drone 2.0

A very nice present for Father’s Day 2013. I won’t be buying the Chav hat but that does not stop my fun! PS: Not me in the YouTube video below.



Genesys SIP Call Flows – The easy way!

Introduction to my SIP/RTP Sequence Diagram / Call Flow generator tool. How to create Genesys SIP call flows the easy way!

Features and Benefits:

  • Documenting and annotating SIP and RTP call flows in real world
  • Realtime generation of SD Edit diagrams (http://sdedit.sourceforge.net/)
  • Online markup of issues, proposed changes, impact assessment etc.
  • Reordering of actors focuses on messages flows to/from a particular actor (e.g. a SIP UA)
  • TLS support (Secure SIP / SIPS)
  • Breakpoint and auto comments
  • Automatic missing SIP message identification¬† -> PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION
  • Automatic repeated SIP message identification¬†-> PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION
  • Identification of dynamic RTP port ranges / Identification of firewall issues -> PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION

YouTube video here:

UPDATE 04/05/2013 – Genesys TLib support added.

I knew this blog post would come in useful one day!


UPDATE 06/05/2013 – Multiple capture devices and PCAP file merging added.

UPDATE 12/06/2013 – Added lots of new features like timelines, audio decoding and Genesys T-Lib message decoding!