Bitcoins in space

Virgin Galactic is one of the universe’s most exciting, futuristic companies. Bitcoin, the virtual currency, has really captured the imagination recently as one of the world’s most innovative businesses looking to the future. So we think it is about time Virgin Galactic customers can choose to pay with bitcoins.

PS: I have decided not to sell a single one until 22/09/2016

Virgin Galactic



Sending a SIP INFO message from a Genesys IRD strategy

On my current project we needed to send a SIP INFO message from SIP server. Before I forget here is how it can be done:

  • Assign SIP INFO body to a variable:

  • Assign extensions attributes:


  • Send a private service request. Note that 105 is the ID of AttributePrivateMsgID and 3018 is the message ID for Advice of Charge (AoC). For reference other known values of AttributePrivateMsgID are:

3013 (GSIP_RECORD_START) – Starts GQM recording
3014 (GSIP_RECORD_STOP) – Stops a GQM recording
3015 (GSIP_RECORD_PAUSE ) – Pauses a GQM recording
3016 (GSIP_RECORD_RESUME ) Resumes a GQM  recording
4012 – Start of Customer Greeting (See SIPS option greeting-notification)
4013 – End of Customer Greeting


  • Test it – SIP INFO sent with supplied body:

13:59:12.608 Trc 04541 RequestPrivateService received from [17] (00000004 URS_1

message RequestPrivateService

AttributeThisDN      ‘0150’

AttributeConnID      00890237bba2601a

AttributeReferenceID 259

       AttributeExtensions  [124] 00 03 00 00..

              ‘Content-Type’       ‘application/vnd.etsi.sci+xml’

              ‘Content-Disposition’      ‘render;handling=optional’

              ‘Body’ ‘varData=998000000000’

       AttributePrivateMsgID      3018

13:59:12.608 Int 04543 Interaction message “RequestPrivateService” received from 17 (“URS_1”)

13:59:12.608  — created: CRequest@2aaaac041f20 RequestPrivateService-URS_1[17]/259

13:59:12.608: $+TLIB:CTI:Unknown:0:0

13:59:12.608 +++ CIFace::Request +++

— new invoke

— thisCall by party

Parsed: RequestPrivateService

From: URS_1[17]/259

Numbers: +<0150> -<none>

Calls: 2aaaac035d30:1 none

Parties: 0150.2aaaac042260-2aaaac035d30:1


Status: parsed:1 queued:0 sent:0 acked:0 preevent:0 event:0 context:0 transferred:0


— validate

— state check: ok

CIFace: Sent CRequest@2aaaac041f20 RequestPrivateService-URS_1[17]/259

FinishRequest CRequest@2aaaac041f20 RequestPrivateService-URS_1[17]/259

IFace stats: q=0 s=0

— complete

13:59:12.608: SipTServer::PrivateServiceAdviceOfCharge get destination from otherParty: 3001

13:59:12.608: SIPTR(11): Begin step 0 – SipTransactionExecuteCtiRequest(12)

13:59:12.608 SIPCONN(3001): CtiRequest(9)

13:59:12.608: SIPDLG[4]: register TRN[11]

13:59:12.608: Sending  [19,TCP] 570 bytes to >>>>>

INFO sip:gw+Genesys@;tport=tcp;transport=tcp;gw=Genesys SIP/2.0

From: <sip:4100@>;tag=00383D6C-79FE-1287-BB5F-0B01A8C0AA77-3

To: “3001 on FS” <sip:3001@>;tag=SQN3c6629UBNj

Call-ID: 189d697d-c96a-1231-5ea1-e091536f4cb1

CSeq: 2 INFO

Content-Length: 20

Content-Type: application/vnd.etsi.sci+xml

Via: SIP/2.0/TCP;branch=z9hG4bK00383D8A-79FE-1287-BB5F-0B01A8C0AA77-8

Contact: <sip:;transport=tcp>

Content-Disposition: render;handling=optional

Max-Forwards: 68




Client side email forwarding in Microsoft Outlook

For security reasons the forwarding of emails to external destinations is often disabled server side in Microsoft Exchange. If you really still want / need to do this then here is how:

  • Add the following VBA code in the Visual Basic editor of Outlook (Alt-F11). Be sure to change to the address where you want the mail to go and also adjust the days and times when you want forwarding to occur. Comment out the line “myattachments.Remove 1” if you want to forward attachments as well:

Sub AutoForwardEmail(Item As Outlook.MailItem)

Dim myFwd As Outlook.MailItem

Dim currentWeekDay As String

Dim currentHour As Integer

currentWeekDay = WeekdayName(weekDay(Date), False, vbSunday)

currentHour = hour(Time)

If currentWeekDay = “Saturday” Or currentWeekDay = “Sunday” Or currentHour < 9 Or currentHour > 17 Then

Set myFwd = Item.Forward

Set myattachments = myFwd.Attachments

While myattachments.Count > 0

myattachments.Remove 1


myFwd.Recipients.Add “


End If

Set myFwd = Nothing

End Sub

  • Enable Macros in Outlook (Tools -> Macro -> Security) and then restart Outlook:

  • Tell Outlook to run this code for each inbound message (Tools -> Rules and Alerts -> New Rule -> Check Messages when they arrive -> Next -> YES -> Checkbox “Run a Script” -> Then select the script you just created e.g.  “AutoForwardEmail”:

  • Make sure that Outlook is running and connected to Exchange for this to work!