Snom Asset Management and Provisioning with Genesys

Snom Asset Manager (SAM) is a desktop application which provides a fully integrated solution for managing Snom IP Phone assets end to end throughout the asset lifecycle. When used in configuration with the Snom Asset Audit (SAA) desktop application the majority of the IP Phone provisioning process is fully automated and the built in checks ensure that the possibility of human error is minimised. A built in persistent storage mechanism allows Snom IP Phone assets to be tracked over a period of time and a history of asset status and information changes to be retrieved.

SAM is integrated with the following components of the provisioning solution:

  • Provisioning Servers (HTTP / Web Servers)
  • DHCP Servers
  • Genesys Configuration Management Environment (CME) via Configuration Server

If required SAM can be used in conjunction with a standard barcode scanner and has built in checks to ensure that the scanned MAC address is a valid Snom MAC address otherwise the scanned input is ignored. This reduces the time to manage an asset since incorrectly scanned barcode labels are simply ignored.

SAM tracks the dynamic IP address assigned to an asset in two ways. Firstly through processing of HTTP logs fetched periodically from each configured provisioning server. This mechanism is also used to track the download of IP Phone specific configuration files and also firmware downloads. The second way is through the periodic fetching of DHCP lease logs from each configured DHCP server.

Automatic de-duplication of log entries from multiple provisioning servers and multiple DHCP servers always ensures that SAM provides a single source of truth in terms of the IP Phone’s current IP address and also firmware revision.

This information is available to support engineers through an asset status request. In this way support engineers can check if an IP Phone has recently downloaded new configuration information and/or firmware. In addition the current dynamic IP address assigned to the IP Phone can be determined and this allows engineers to login to the IP Phone via its secured Web UI interface to download IP Phone logs or to perform PCAP capture.

Enough talk – see SAM in action below!