Genesys Log File Management Tool (LFMT)



Genesys Customer Care is pleased to announce the global availability of the new Log File Management Tool (LFMT). This tool collects copies of Genesys application log files, stores them in a central repository, and provides an interface for retrieving the specific log files needed to troubleshoot an application issue. The LFMT was developed by our Customer Care team to make it easier and quicker to retrieve the right logs for troubleshooting, and thus reduce problem resolution times.

The goal of the new Log File Management Tool is to promote fast and targeted log file capture, reliable log file retention, and quick and easy log file retrieval. Built as a plug-in to Genesys Administrator Extension, the LFMT performs the following functions:

  • Transfers copies of log files from application server hosts to a centralized log file repository
  • Indexes log files into a central database according to customer-defined criteria, such as time or ConnID
  • Scrubs sensitive data based on customer needs
  • Provides a graphical user interface for customers and partners to easily search logs pertaining to an issue
  • Provides a secure delivery method for customers, partners and Genesys Customer Care to share log files
  • Enables unassisted log file retrieval by partners and Genesys Customer Care