Life with Pebble

I’ve been wearing a Pebble ( “electronic tag” (keep reading) for the last month and thought it was about time to blog about my experiences to date.


In general I am very happy with the Pebble.

Battery life is good and I only have to charge once or twice a week. The lack of a visible battery indicator on the watchface or a low battery notification is a bit of an oversight.

Music control on iOS devices is pants! At best it is only of any use for pause and play.

Vibrating alerts are good but sometimes it feels as though you are getting an electric shock (hence “electronic tag” comment). I’m quite glad that email notifications do not seem to be working on iOS correctly since constant email notifications would be a pain – especially if you wear your watch at night like I do.

Male early adopters need to be aware of the wet shoes hazard. Basically receipt of a phone call or text message and the associated vibrating alert shock factor during a visit to the restroom can take you by surprise!

Finally on iOS the constant “Pebble would like to communicate …” popups are driving me mad.


I’m off to Dubai in a few weeks to lets see how the Pebble holds up to sun and water.