UmTRX Diagnostic Port

OK my Fairwaves ( UmTRX ( lab environment has arrived so this will be the first of many blog posts!

Here is a picture of what comes in the box:


Below is the schematic of the USB diagnostic port:


The USB to serial UART interface is provided by a FTDI FT232R (

So firstly we need to install the FTDI Virtual COM port (VCP) drivers from here:

Then we connect with a mini-B USB cable (USB B-M5-SMD) and run a terminal emulator such as Real Term. The COM port settings need to be:

  • Baud = 230400
  • Stop Bits = 1
  • Parity = None
  • Flow Control = Off


When the UmTRX is reset we get output on the diagnostic port:


More soon!