Converting IRD Strategies to Visio (UPDATED)

As a Happy New Year gift to the Genesys community I’ve decide to release the binaries associated with these blog posts in to the wild!

Hopefully somebody will find my Strategy Analyser useful!

Please note that this is beta code and that not all IRD blocks / block properties are implemented. Also the layout still needs some work.

You can download it here:


Just to let you know that a couple of testers have reported the same problem. COM exception (0x86DB0904). It is possibly a Visio 2003 interop issue which I am trying to get to the bottom off. In the meantime if anybody wants a strategy converting then please just email the XML export to me:


A quick video of Strategy Analyser in action on YouTube here:

This just shows dropping some XML exports into it and then converting them to Visio in real-time. I’ll post a video of the online mode when a get some time.


YouTube video of online mode:


Hopefully the problem reported by testers in France, Germany and Brazil has now been fixed. Version 1.7 is available for download here: