More ASR Tuning post Release 2 Go-Live

Another busy week listening to ASR utterances and tuning the IVR application as a result. In order to better understand the 10% of people who never say a postcode I listened to 4526 postcode utterances. I really wish I could share some of these with you!

My findings and recommendations were:

  • Barge-in on the postcode prompt resulted in Customers not expecting to have to say a postcode. This was an issue since Customers then heard silence. The recommendation was to disable barge-in on the postcode prompt and set the continuous recognition timeout to 7 seconds (average time is 3-5 seconds) and silence timeout to 4 seconds
  • A  few people say “YES”, “NO”, “ADVISOR”, “AGENT”, “NOT KNOWN” to try to opt out
  • Some people say an account number instead of a postcode (because they have barged-in and not heard the postcode prompt)
  • A few people did not know where the hash key is on the phone. Recommended changing the initial prompt to “If you haven’t got an account number just press hash on the bottom right of the keypad

The good news is that incremental changes are now having a positive effect on the Customer Experience and overall Customer identification success rates.