Kofax System Management

On this project we are using Kofax Capture for the non voice channels i.e. Whitemail scanning, email, webforms and Fax (FoIP).

One of the problems with Kofax is providing integrated system management since the components are distributed over 5 physical servers and multiple Kofax components produce log files in different format and in different locations.

In addition our solution has custom import connectors for webforms, custom KTM validation scripts and custom export connectors to release the content into Ceyoniq for subsequent linking to SAP CRM via SAP ArchiveLink.

We plan to configure the Kofax services as Third Party application objects in CME so that we can monitor the status of the Kofax hosts and services in SCI.

To complete the “end to end” system management perspective I have written a monitoring service. The service:

  • Polls Windows NT application event logs
  • Polls log file folders and then parses the log files looking for standard error phrases
  • Monitors the import and export filesystems looking for index files that have not been processed within the SLA (and hence indicative of an error)

At present the output is via email although it would be very easy to integrate with the wider System Management infrastructure via SNMP traps and/or custom alarm generation into SCI.

Here are some screenshots of the output: