Performance Test Update

Just a quick update – we are very nearly there!

In the last test we have managed to get to 10 calls per second (CPS). This was achieved by injecting calls directly into a seperate Avaya SES server.

The issue we now see is that the Avaya S8730 Media Server (aka ACM main brain!) hits high CPU (occupancy) which slows everything down and results in new calls being rejected. The resulting behaviour is normal in so much as CPU proriity is given to call processing (CALPRO process) rather than administrator and maintenance processes.

Analysis by Avaya support suggests that the problem is down to the number of AES / CTI links we have to other adjunct systems such as Verint Voice Recording.

CM Service Pack 5 has been suggested as this gives approx. 20% better CPU utilisation on a S8730. However, the root cause will need further investigation e.g. stop non-Genesys adjunct links and re-test. Also we will try increasing the Avaya T-Server query timer from 3 seconds to 10 seconds.


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