SIP Server 8.0.400.25 – Unsupported URI Scheme

As feared, our Avaya SIP interoperability issues from last year have come back when we upgraded to SIP Server 8.0.400.25 in order to fix a Stream Manager resilience problem (see earlier post – Release 1 Operational Acceptance Testing)

SIP INVITE messages are now getting bounced with error 416 – Unsupported URI Scheme. We believe that this is because the INVITE contains “;transport=tls” even though we are not using TLS on the Genesys side and it is not enabled in SES on the Genesys mappings!

However, TLS is enabled between Avaya CM (CLAN cards) and SES. The options would seem to be:

1) Set “sip-tls-port=0” on SIP server to disable it

2) Disable TLS between CM and SES (mappings and SIP signalling links)

My money is option (2) at the moment.