PSN2414 and TSAPI Link Flooding (again)

In a previous post I mentioned TSAPI link flooding problems and that the fix was contained in PSN2414.

Basically PSN2414 is an upgrade to AES 4.2.4 plus configuration to use reserved TSAPI licenses as opposed to checking global licenses in and out via Avaya WebLM.

At this client however we have an Enterprise Wide licensing model which means that reserved licenses cannot be used ….

Currently there are discussions about this taking place between Genesys and Avaya. I suspect the outcome may be a “commercial agreement”. Other than that there may be some options if we upgrade to AES 5.2.2 since the release note for this version contains a section “Reserving TSAPI User Licenses” which implies that with AES 5.2.2 reserved licenses can be implemented with an Enterprise Licensing model.

The release note also contains the comment “For AE Services 5.2, the use of floating licenses is not recommended”.

Will keep you posted!