Release 1 Operational Acceptance Testing (OAT)

We are now into week 2 of Release 1 OAT testing. Some notable fixes this week are:

Configuration Server

After failure of Config Server, it is not possible to login Config Manager or CCPulse to Config Server Proxy when the primary configuration server is down.

This has been fixed by setting the reconnect timeout to 10 (seconds) on configuration server rather than the default of 0. This is fixed on configuration server as part of ER# 221781113. However, since we are on configuration server the fix does not seem to have made it into version 8 of configuration server!

Stream Manager Resilience

We have 4 stream managers in each site. When shutting down 3 out of 4 stream managers all calls to advisor default route. If there are two stream managers up, the calls also default route. If there are 3 stream managers up the call routes correctly to an advisor.

Seems to be fixes in SIP server 8.0.400.25 as part of ER# 230151967 and ER# 102209228:

“SIP Server now retries treatments only on media servers that are still in service (the out-of-service check shows the Voice over IP Service DN (service-type set to treatment) as available)”

“SIP Server no longer sets a DN to out of service in a scenario where a call is routed to an unresponsive device and a caller abandons the call before the sip-invite-timeout timer expires. If the caller does not abandon the call during the sip-invite-timeout time period, then, when this timeout expires, SIP Server sets the unresponsive device to out of service. Once the recovery-timeout timer configured for this device expires, SIP Server sets it back in service”

There are some possible workaround but it looks as though a SIP server upgrade is on the cards – lets hope our Avaya SIP interoperability issues from last year do not come back!

For information, the possible workarounds are:

1. Set option “sip-invite-treatment-timeout = 5” on SIP servers


2. Remove OOS configuration on VoIP Service DNs. To do this add a new option:

sip-oos-enabled = false

This should insure that a treatment is re-applied to a call on the Stream Manager during a failover

3. Change the VoIP Service DN options to:

sip-oos-enabled = true


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