GVP 7.6 PCI Compliance

Lots more work over the last few weeks on compliance of our GVP 7.6 deployment from a PCI (Payment Card Industry) perspective since in Release 2 we will start to take card payments.

Current focus is on implementing session border controllers (SBC) acting as a B2BUA between the secure Avaya infractucture (SRTP) and the insecure GVP 7.6 IPCS components (RTP). From a PCI perspective the issue is the detection of out of band DTMF digits in the RTP payload.

Again, I will update this post when I get some more time.



Empirix Performance Testing

Sorry for the lack of posts recently.

At this client, we are currently in the middle of Empirix Performance Testing (http://www.empirix.com/). Interesting stuff and progress to date!

We have two G5 Hammer Load Generators installed at each of our Contact Centre sites as well as a Genesys VAS (Virtual Agent Simulator) at each site. Calls are being injected directly into the Avaya switch via SES and a SIP trunk.

When I get a bit of free time I will update this post with some of my findings.