Nuance ASR with GVP 7.6 and GVP 8.1

We have had quite a big of fun and games trying to get Nuance Recognizer 9 working with both GVP 7.6 and GVP 8.1. We finally have the answer!

The following configuration works fine:

  • Nuance RealSpeak 4.5.0 patch 1
  • Nuance Recognizer
  • Nuance Speech Server (NSS) 5.0.5

The problem was that versions of NSS greater than 5.0.5 do not work with GVP7.6 without a hot fix (MR4). Given the problems installing GVP 7.6 in the first place it seemed easier to downgrade from NSS 5.0.7 to 5.0.5.


I’ve won the Lotto!

Returned back home from the client site last night and found a very exciting letter in the post. Looks as though I have won the lotto!

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Have returned the letter requesting details of my bank account, sort code, date of birth and sample signature. Will let you know how I get on!

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