GVP Fail to Record (0x80040003

This one is very strange!

We have a GVP application which captures the Customers name in a record block. All of a sudden this stopped working. The GVP POP gateway log showed the following error:

[2009/11/03 11:46:37.304] 12B0 VxmlPrompt.cpp:1149 C=12:L=8:U=320 Execute::end, Catch All – Rethrow
[2009/11/03 11:46:37.304] 12B0 VxmlRecord.cpp:1231 C=12:L=8:U=0 Record File name , File Ext. :vox
[2009/11/03 11:46:37.304] 12B0 VxmlRecord.cpp:1238 C=12:L=1:U=0:D=E_12_71 CreateFile failed [0x80040003] on [rec612A.vox]
[2009/11/03 11:46:37.304] 12B0 VxmlRedirector.cpp:272 C=8:L=16:U=0 VxmlRedirector::setVxmlSessionVars

A Google search of error code 0x80040003 revealed nothing of interest.

To further diagnose the problem we wrote a small test application which worked fine when provisioned against a test IVR profile but still failed against the original IVR profile. The IVR profile and provisioning data were checked and found to be identical (except for the provisioned DIDs of course). Moved the DIDs over to the test IVR profile and it worked fine!

Then regenerated the IVR profile – still no joy.


Checked that the underlying file system on each IPCS server was the same and that permissions on folder “\GVP\CN\web\upload” were correct:


Finally fixed then problem by deleting the existing IVR profile and then creating a new one – painful!


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