8.0 HA Failover

Had a strange situation this morning (or maybe my memory is not as good as it used to be!).

We have a number of components configured in HA pairs e.g. T-Servers, Stat Servers and Routing Servers. As part of pre-OAT (Operational Acceptance Testing) I have been killing primary components via Task Manager (rather than SCI) and expecting the backup component to automatically be promoted to primary by the Management layer. However, it wasn’t and all I got was a ‘Unplanned Solution Status Change’ alarm:


My initial thought was that I needed to configure an associated alarm reaction to force failover to the backup component:


Before I did that I set ‘Auto-Restart’ on each of the HA components and tried again. It worked! When the primary component was killed via Task Manager the backup component was automatically promoted to primary and the killed component was restarted as expected. Since I do not normally configure solutions with Auto-Restart I also checked that if the component was stopped via SCI it stayed stopped (and it did).

This is not the behaviour I remember in Framework 7.


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