A blast from the past

Nice little article here (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/8261272.stm) about Elite on the good old BBC Micro.


I particularly like the following quotes:

“The BBC Micro only had 32k of memory, but out of that came the screen and machine use, so Elite had to fit into 22k which is less than most emails these days,” said Mr Braben

“We crafted every single byte and would work for hours just to free up three or four bytes so we could put in a new feature or ability.”

“That level of concentration on things have been lost today when you have things that are many megabytes or even gigabytes in size,” he added.

As part of my work today I have been developing a C# .NET utility to compare Genesys configuration snapshots (more in a later posting). I bet every single reference added to the Visual Studio project was bigger than 22k!

I wonder who these days even knows what an Assembler opcode is? What an ‘in memory’ patch is? What the difference is between big and little endian? Does it really matter?

BTW: Does anybody know of any good books about how games were developed back in the 80s? Manic Miner, JSW, Sabre Wulf?



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